About me and my Interests

Based in Zürich, Switzerland. My work and interests are heavily in the IT Industry, where people and technologies not just interact, but where rationalizing become part of the bigger picture in the context of information. With a strong focus in systems that contribute to our daily lives but also present new challenges and opportunities. Social, Life Style and positive change is the next competitive edge the evolving IT eco-system. From experience as a Network & System Engineer and working in a research context. My career has leaded me to work with many of the large web companies. Most recently in the IPTV and CDN sector (Content Delivery Network) building up the massive distributed infrastructure to support many of the largest websites in the world. This involved dealing with the requirements of IP transit, server capacity and large data-centre implementations. I very much enjoy the challenges this industry brings as it is always very energetic and exciting. Previously I worked in the same context on various projects for Intelligent Transportation Systems; such projects consisting of up to 1000 of various moving transit vehicles (Bus and Urban Trains) in major cities across Europe. From a technical perspective my focus is mainly on data-centre networking technologies, middle-ware layer and remote agent services. Other side areas include; embedded systems, Wireless WAN networking technology from the data-centre to last mile interface. Previous, I worked at DERI Galway (Digital Enterprise Research Institute) Galway DERI and with the GSN[ Global Sensor Network Team at EPFL ('EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne). Lausanne, Switzerland, Following an internship In DERI.

It’s never a new idea, but a new approachMy current research interests are in the areas of Contextual Aware Systems, middle-ware layer, intelligent sensor based systems. And where data is require near real-time to support web 2.0 application we see being used today on the web. In network intelligence and information retrieval.

Some of my most recent projects have been in the area's of Content deliver network, virtualization and cloud application. I have a side interest in researching in the domain of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and data middle-ware Systems, Contextual-Aware system support decisions based processes, in infrastructure.

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